How do I know which company type / license type is suitable for my business concept?

You may check the various types of entities and types of licenses. The type which is suitable for your business, will depend on your business needs, business model and business cycle. In this dynamic and technologically advanced time, there is no equation which states for instance start-up educational institutes should open in Dubai Academic City with a LLC license. KC International’s consultants can guide you on a one-to-one basis for best license type or entity type for your company formation in U.A.E., Hong Kong, India, U.S.A.

Various locations in the UAE have their websites, specially freezones. They list the steps involved. What is the role of KCI?

Company formation regulations and laws undergo improvements from time to time. With the Smart City vision of H.H.Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of U.A.E., many freezone authorities and other related regulatory authorities are improving their procedures to rank higher in ease of doing business in the UAE. In such situations, many websites are not accurately updated and hence you would need company formation experts like KC International to explain what is best suitable for you and interpret various Freezone requirements so that you are able to take an informed decision. KCI is impartial and independent in interpreting business setup requirements for a new-comer and helps them take a decision after all economical hidden & un-hidden facts have been explained and considered. Additionally, you may not be in a position to do the entire steps (queuing, online submissions, follow-up etc.) on your own. We provide PRO services as well.

What factors should I consider when hunting for a location for my business?

For location of your business, you could consider your business’s warehousing needs, staff’s accommodation/transportation requirements, power-electricity availability, visitors’ car-parking and accessibility, distance to airport and sea-port if required and of-course the rental and maintenance costs.

I am an Emirati. Is company formation easier or cheaper for me?

There are few concessions and privileges provided to Emaratis for setting up a business in UAE. Much will depend on Emiratis’ business model. Please meet KC International manager for a detailed discussion.

What other things need I consider for setting up a business in UAE ?

You should prepare yourself or get prepared from a financial expert a Business Plan for the next three to five years projections. It should incorporate all foreseeable expenses and incomes, break-even point sales, investment-pay-back-period, ratios-analysis, marketing, administration, demographics, legalities, organization-chart & employees all expenses of staying in UAE, sales-tactics, SWOT analysis and risks involved. This would help to decide whether to setup a profitable in UAE or not.